It’s over…….

So the 90-day challenge being “officially” over. Some may say that I “cheated” as I started a week late. I was willing to go through next Friday, but didn’t want to hold-up the rest. That said, sans-blogging, I do plan on sticking with absolutely everything I did over the last 85 days or so. This was truly a transformation that changed my lifestyle. At about day 35 my new ways truly became habit. I quit diet coke, altogether. No more cravings or needs for it. That was huge, as I was drinking an average of close to 3/day. I don’t do coffee, so that wasn’t an issue. I have increased water and other liquids to close to 64 oz per day. I really stuck to my 1 grain/week until the end when a few pretzels snuck in every now and again. My challenging hours between 3-6 are now easy. I keep healthy snacks (fruits and veggies) ready and snack as-needed. I’ve lost over 20 lbs, which is HUGE (that is really since the end of Feb). In some ways that makes me sad, as I was at a place that I didn’t even realize I had that much to lose, but I feel great and have absolutely no regrets. (Still feel like I could lose 10 more, but I won’t obsess over the scale.) I’ve been consistently working out (either CFB or running) 6 days per week and sometimes 7. It all depends on how I feel. I’ve really learned to listen to my body. I’ve gotten so much stronger — and have so much more endurance. And I hit another major milestone yesterday….I strung together 3 doible-unders. Thanks again to Jeff C. for that. Although I didn’t do a 10K in under 60 min, I did set a PR by doing a 5K in 28:10, which was 2 minutes faster than last year! Again — HUGE! I do plan on pushing myself running more as I move forward. I am also still training and hoping to swim across Wing Lake by the end of the summer.

Now is time for my personal reflection and thank yous. I never could have done this without Hillary and Jordan and the support of the entire CFB (yes, Jeff C. that’s you too! - HUGE.) They pushed me to more weight, higher boxes and fewer bands. They have truly become my personal coaches, trainers, advice givers and friends. They have watched me transform myself over the last 90-days. Now, I say this with the understanding that the last time I gave Hillary a compliment, she increased my ball slams by 10 lbs and we did some insane workout that day with a gazillion burpees, so I better watch-out, but I couldn’t let this day pass without thanking Hillary and Jordan. Thank you for all you do, every day, for every one of us. And as you know, you have a huge fan in Rusty at 7-years old - who LOVES burpees (is he really MY child?!)

Looking forward to the baseline tomorrow and measurements.

Signing off of blogging, but CUsoon@CFB….

Day 83: Friday, June 29

AM WOD — rough one, but fun!

Breakfast: Double small yogurt with bananas and blueberries.

Lunch: Chicken and tomatoes

Lots of veggies with Greek yogurt/jalepeno dip.

Small ff frozen yogurt.

3 small white wine spritzers….. ;)

I have no idea the distance, but my workout today was swimming to the platform and back 5x.

I have no idea the distance, but my workout today was swimming to the platform and back 5x.

Day 82: Thursday, June 28

No WOD today.  Thinking about swimming later. Hopefully I can fit it, but I’m quite sore from the last few days of WOD’s.

Yogurt and a Fiber One Granola bar.

Cherries as a little snack. About 15 mini-pretzels.

Jalepeno yogurt dip with cucumbers and carrots.  Skinny cow ice cream.

Day 81: Wednesday, June 27

WOW, what at WOD!  150 wall ball and a mile run + 7 burpees.  Hurtin’ now.

Banana and yogurt

Strawberry fields salad with chicken from Friday’s

Tomatoes for snack with a handful of pretzels

No real dinner — too many meetings then baseball.  Did have a ff vanilla yogurt from the Farmhouse…..supporting our local businesses. ;)

Needed some inspiration today — found some good pics!

Needed some inspiration today — found some good pics!



Day 80: Tuesday, June 26

Morning WOD.  Very AB focused-good workout.

Getting tired of blogging — Hillary told me to shut the &%$-up and blog for 10 more days.  She promised that she is really still reading these.  My blog will definitely win the prize for the most boring blog!

Banana when I got home.

Lunch: Chicken, a few pretzels (thank goodness they’re gone now) tomatoes, strawberries.

Snack: Fiber one bar.

Dinner: Salad, two bites of pizza crust, skinny cow ice cream bar.

I did sneak two mini packages of fruit snacks today. :(  I moved my laptop to the kitchen for another reason and I need to move it back to the office to keep me out of the kitchen.